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Gore Catacombe


  • Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown

  • Ea, Lord of The Depths

  • Black spell of Destruction

  • Channelling The Power Of Souls Into A New God

  • War

  • The Crying Orc

  • A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit

  • My Journey to The Stars

  • Dungeons Of Darkness

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    Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown

    In the Air
    Above a Cold Lake
    Is a Soul
    From an Early
    Better Age
    Grasping for
    A Mystic Thought
    In Vain...but Who's to Know
    Further on Lies Eternal Search
    For Theories to Lift the Gate
    Only Locks Are Made Stronger
    And More Keys Lost as Logic Fades
    In the Pool of Dreams the Water Darkens
    For the Soul That's Tired of Search
    As Years Pass by
    The Aura Drops
    As Less and Less
    Feelings Touch
    Has Won too Much
    The Hopeless Soul Keeps Mating


    Ea, Lord of The Depths

    The Head is a Head of a Serpent
    From its Nostrils Mucus Trickles...
    The Ears Are those of a Basilisk
    His Horns Are Twisted into three Curls
    The Body is a Sun Fish, Full of Stars
    The Base of His Feet Are Claws
    His Name Is Sassu Wunnu
    A Sea Monster. A Form of Ea


    Black spell of Destruction

    Hear my Sword the Making
    Of my Spell
    Damkuna, Iftraga
    Sheb Nigurepur, Dafast
    The World's Tragedy, Is Served at My Feast


    Channelling The Power Of Souls Into A New God

    Worship Me



    This is


    The Crying Orc


    A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit

    The Fire in the Sky is Extinguished
    Blue Waters no Longer Cry
    The Dancing of Trees Has Stopped
    The Stream of Freshness from Cold Winds
    Exists no Longer
    The Rain Has Stopped to Drip
    From the Sky
    Still Dripping Exists
    From the Veins of a Nearly Dead Boy
    Once There Was Hatred
    Once There Was Cold
    There is Only
    A Dark Stone Tomb
    With an Altar
    An Altar which
    Serves As a Bed
    A Bed of Eternal Sleep
    The Dreams of the Human in Sleep
    Are Dreams of Relief
    A Gate out of Hell
    Into the Void of Death
    Yet Undisturbed
    The Human Sleep
    And One Day
    Will the Grave Be Unlocked
    And the Soul
    Must Return to His World
    But This Time as


    My Journey to The Stars

    I Immaterialize
    And Slowly Drift
    Into the Unknown
    With the Cold Winds with Soul
    The Wintery Plains Lie Untouched
    I Ride on My Elements
    Towards the Stars Unseen
    A Quest
    For Knowledge
    In the
    Stench Intensifies
    As I
    Near a Spectral Sphere
    After a Hundred
    Men's Lifetime
    In Analyzing
    I learn
    To Consume
    The Sphere
    Of Immense Power
    And To
    Become Immortal
    Darkness Hate and Winter
    Rules the Earth when I Return
    Between Races
    A Goal Is Reached
    Chaos, Hate


    Dungeons Of Darkness